Inspiring love for knowledge in Togliatti (c) Togliattiazot

About TOAZ

Public Joint Stock Company Togliattiazot (TOAZ PJSC) is Russia’s largest producer of ammonia. It ranks among the world’s top three companies capable of producing over 3 million tonnes of ammonia annually. TOAZ is also one of Russia’s key urea producers. It produces urea formaldehyde concentrate and other chemicals in demand with consumers across five continents. Togliattiazot ranks among Russia’s largest companies according to RBC, Forbes and Expert magazines.

TOAZ is a socially responsible company and one of the largest taxpayers in the Samara region.

Togliattiazot PJSC has been steadily implementing long-term social responsibility program by providing charity and sponsorship assistance in the Togliatti and Samara regions.

Cultural and education projects - overview

Togliattiazot enhances support of cultural and educational projects and promoting the development of musical and theatrical art in Togliatti on an annual basis. TOAZ initiates its own cultural and educational projects by attracting federal and regional partners.


In 2000, TOAZ opened its own House of Culture, which is now the city’s major leisure center and key cultural, sporting and educational venue.

1. Educational project Chemistry of Words

In September 2017, TOAZ launched an educational project called the intellectual club "Chemistry of Words”. The club works in the format of a free-entry lecture hall – the first in Togliatti – based at TOAZ House of Culture. Residents of the city have a unique opportunity to visit lectures and seminars of top Russian scientists, science journalists, psychologists, artists free of charge.

The club holds two lectures each month September to May on a variety of topics: biology, chemistry, anthropology, medicine, neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, literature, art.

The new urban space provides an opportunity for citizens not only to gain new knowledge, but also to get acquainted with each other, share experiences, exchange views, and form a new image of the Komsomol district of Togliatti – the district which historically is known to be home to thousands of TOAZ employees.

Art program Impulse


The scholarship program "Impulse" is implemented by TOAZ with the support of the charity Fund "Not Indifferent" and the Togliatti Philharmonic in order to promote the development of cultural potential of Togliatti and support talented and perspective performers since 2017.

The scholarship fund is formed from ticket sales to performances of famous artists in Russia and abroad, whose concerts are held monthly by the organizers of the program at the House of Culture.

For two years the program was involving only students of professional musical institutions, but this year the program expanded and now covers support to students pursuing various arts - choreogrpahy, theatre, painting, etc. The winners of "Impulse" are granted a monthly scholarship during the academic year. The winners are selected on a competitive basis by the decision of the special Council.

Chemistry of Skills

In July 2018, the management of Togliattiazot announced Russia’s first support program for people over fifty years of age called "Chemistry of Skills", aimed at improving the qualification and development of relevant skills in people of pre-retirement age. The program is available to all interested residents of the Samara region, who will be able to get new skills for free – as the training program is fully funded by TOAZ.

The project offers aged people who are interested in a new job or employment, the opportunity to gain new knowledge in a number of areas that increase their career chances: the program offers courses of foreign language, computer literacy, the basics of entrepreneurship. The program will also include workshops on adaptation to modern economic conditions from leading experts in the field of psychology, personnel management, economics, etc. Successful completion of the courses will provide participants with opportunities for further professional development, career and personal growth, increasing the level of social activity and social status, development of their own business.



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